Special Limited Offer to join as an Associate Owner Member as a B&H phv or hackney carriage proprietor. We are also looking for B&H licensed drivers to join as Associate Drivers
Streamline is an 'Owner Driver Association' owned by 180  'Full Owner Members' and run as a not for profit Cooperative Association for the benefit of all who work within the company.

The company is run by a board of five elected Full Members who are themselves owner drivers.

The rest of the fleet is made up of 'Associate Owner Members' who are either phv or hackney carriage driver/proprietors.

We are offering  a four week trial of half the normal weekly subscription rate which will be  £61.70 inc vat whether you are a brand new phv/hackney proprietor looking for a good company to work with, or if you have current experience in the trade.

Some benefits of joining Streamline as an Associate Owner Member:



If you are interested in joining as an Associate Owner Driver/Proprietor or as an Associate Driver  then send us an email at directors@streamlinetaxis.org  or call our Admin on 01273 223 102  

All enquiries treated in the strictest of confidence.

We are also looking for currently licensed B&H drivers, with cars waiting for you,  or if you are interested in getting qualified as a new driver as well as getting your own phv on Streamline  then give us a call so we can guide on this.

If you are looking to join as a Full Member with greater benefits including a lower subscription rate then get in contact with us.

Please note that a Full Membership has limited availability but we may be able to put you in contact with a retiring Full Member for a Full Membership Transfer