Use our IVR service to automate your bookings.


IVR is a simple, fast and hugely effective automatic call-taking system which enables customers to make ASAP bookings from their regular pick-up location in as little as a second.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Explained

Please ask an operator when you make your booking to be put on IVR.

The next time you ring from that number you will hear the automated system.
It will ask you if you want a normal four seater taxi for cash from your address then press "1" and the taxi will be automatically dispatched.

If you want picking up from any other address or require a multi-seater or have a special request, then press "0".

If you call back and hear the message "your car ... driver ... Etc.. has been dispatched" then you should press "0" to speak to an operator.

Any time you wish to be removed from the IVR press "0" and speak to an operator to be removed from the automated system.