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We'll also inform you when your car is 2 minutes away, giving you additional details such as registration number, make, model and vehicle colour and track their arrival on the map.

Importantly we don't use cars not licensed by Brighton & Hove City Council like Uber does in the city. We don't use cars from Southampton... Portsmouth.. Chichester... Havant... Fareham... Lewes and loads of other places.

Why is this important? Well if you have a complaint Brighton & Hove council won't want to know and you will have to find out where your car is licensed.. which could be hundreds of miles away.
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Our 202020 Cab App for the City is Brilliant!
You can be assured that your driver and car are fully licensed by Brighton & Hove Council with council controlled CCTV for your safety. This cannot be guaranteed by Uber! In fact Uber has actually tried to stop CCTV in cabs. We wonder why? Additionally in 2018 Uber unsuccessfully tried to remove the 'Knowledge Test' that has to be passed to get a Brighton & Hove taxi driver licence in the city in an attempt to lower the standards.

And we don't 'Surge Price' with up to four times the normal fare like Uber does as all our fares are council controlled.

Please note that the fares shown on the app are estimates and do not take into consideration heavy traffic or the extra time to allow to complete journey so please regard the shown estimate as guidline.

If you need to speak to us we are always here.in the city and not in a remote office in some unknown location.

Wheelchair Service: Because of the different type of wheelchairs please call so we can match your exact requirements.

Go on... download our app and support the best local and biggest  taxi company in the city that is owned and driven by the drivers.
So easy to use with choice of vehicles & estimated pricing for your journey.

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