Here at Streamline Taxis 202020 we pride ourselves with our close relationship with our customers many of whom have been with us for a number of years.

Being a local company we are able to offer the one-to-one service and always here to help.
Fully Trusted by EF

EF is an establish English Language centre and throughout the year we transport hundreds of students from Gatwick and Heathrow airports and throughout the city.

We know that first impressions count and our drivers act as embassadors with a friendly welcome ensuring that any student new to this country is properly taken care of.
When taking a student to their host we always make sure that this is carried out to the highest profesional standards and liase with the school if any problems arise.
Roeadean School - Using Streamline for twenty years.."

Streamline Taxis 202020 is proud to have maintained a close working relationship with the renowned  Roedean School which is an independent day and boarding school founded in 1885 in Roedean Village on the outskirts of Brighton, East Sussex.

Our service to the school is to take students to and from the airport and transport the girls in the city. Working so closely with the school we know how imperitive it is to maintain our high standards as a trusted service."

University of Brighton

Streamline Taxis 202020 are delighted to have a long standing relationship with the University of Brighton.

Brighton Race Course

Streamline Taxis 202020 have provided a taxi service to the race course for many years with our direct lines.
Free Phones

Streamline Taxis 202020 have  'Free-Phones' in various places all over the the city such as places like these.

If you have a business that you think could benefit from a Free- Phone then please contact us to have a chat about it.
Bellerbys College

Situated right next to Brighton Station, Streamline Taxis 202020 are the trusted taxi service for transporting students to and from the airports and around the city
Brighton College

Established in 1845 Streamline Taxis 202020 have been proud to be the preferred taxis service for many years.... although not since 1845!